Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Coffee = Love

Today is  Hot Chocolate day, at one point in my life this would have made me a very happy person.  But I when I was expecting my youngest child Gestational Diabetes cured me of my love of overly sweet drinks.  I do occasionally crave a cup of hot chocolate but most of the time my hot beverage of choice is coffee with cream but little to no sugar.

©CoolMomCreations 2017
Today's card honors my love for coffee rather than celebrating hot chocolate.  Peace, Joy and Love are all things that a nice hot cup of java bring me each morning.  

All the other hot beverages can step aside because all  I need is coffee. 

This card is being entered into the Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop.  

 The card stock is Tempting Turquoise and the ink is Baked Brown Sugar by Stampin' Up.
Stamps used are Stampin' Up Peace This Christmas, STAMPlorations All You Need is Coffee, Lawn Fawn Pumpkin Spice and St. Louis Stamp Design Coffee Bean Bag.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Let's Craft Together

Today is my 25th Anniversary.  I have to say I have the most amazing husband in the world.  I know, most people feel that way but I really do.  I will take a minute to brag about him.  When I came home from visiting my awesome sister in-law, Robyn,  about 8 years ago and told him I was going to start crafting.  He was a bit apprehensive about the space I would need, the cost etc.  But he encouraged me to give it a try.   So, off to Michael's I went to add some supplies to the cool stuff that Robyn sent home.  

©CoolMomCreations 2017

He didn't blink an eye as the supplies multiplied and his space in our shared office got smaller and smaller.  We have a double sided desk that he regularly has to remove my craft supplies from to fit is little computer.  But the real reason I have the most amazing husband is because when I started seeing all these images colored with Copic markers, I knew that was out of my wheelhouseSo, my husband being an artist at heart went to the art supply store and bought a few Copics and began coloring images for me.  I recently got the cute hot chocolate mug image which is colored by my awesome guy.

©CoolMomCreations 2017
If you begin reading my blog on a regular basis (please do!) you will notice that although I have gotten over my fear of using Copics most images I post are colored by my awesome husband of 25 years.  I pray that God gives us 25 more years of crafting together and that they are as blessed as those that we celebrate today. 

©CoolMomCreations 2017
Bonus card for today: this is the card I made from my hubby with his Copics.

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Hot Chocolate card entered into the 2017 Coffee Lovers Blog Hop.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Cup of Christmas Cheer

I love a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning, actually I love a hot cup of coffee anytime.  But there is just something about a fire in the fireplace and a hot coffee cup in your hand to start the morning off right.  Rarely, do we get to have a fire in our fireplace in sunny FL but when the temps drop into the 50s my dear husband knows there has to be a fire.  Thankfully, just in time for Christmas we are having temps in the 30s. For the last two days we've had a lovely fire roaring in the family room while I finished up my Christmas cards.

This card is made with all Stampin' Up items and it is a Pinterest CAS card. When I started stamping Stampin' Up was my go to place to shop because it makes things easy, everything coordinates.   But I have to say I am not happy with these stamp sets, Merry Cafe and Coffee Cafe.  They are large sets with great sentiments but the cup stamps are not solid, it is just the outline of the cup.  While this might be nice if you are using a stamp positioner like the We R Memory Keepers Precision Press because you can add the sentiments at the same time.  But if you aren't it was a pain to get the cup lines straight on the clear block.  

If you are not visiting from the Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop, please check it out. 
Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Joy. Love. Peace. In a Cup.

It's amazing what power there is in a  warm cup of coffee.  On a cold morning it can warm your hands and your body.  Sometimes, when you are sad, it can bring you a sense of peace as the warm liquid flows through you.  Other times like when it's shared with a friend coffee can bring an overwhelming sense of joy to you.  Such power in a cup of coffee.  

I love this Comfort to Go Unity Stamp because all forms of coffee are truly comfort in a cup for me. 
 This card is being entered into the Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop.  

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Coffee. Craft. Repeat.

© CoolMomCreations 2017
Coffee is a mainstay in our home, one of our favorite stories to tell is of my now teenage daughter coming into the kitchen at 2 years old and asking if the coffee was ready.  Yes, I am guilty of giving my toddlers coffee or my version of toddler coffee which was 2/3 milk and 1/3 coffee.  For this reason I was so excited to find Coffee Loving Papercrafters which combines two things I love: drinking coffee and making cards.  I mostly look at all the neat creations other people post but today I am sharing my card because today starts the Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop. 

This card features one of the stamps sets I found on the Facebook page, the Coffee Ring set by Altenew purchased from Kat Scrappiness.  If you haven't ever shopped at Kat Scrappiness, I highly recommend the site.  

Other stamps used are Fiskers Coffee set and Stampin' Up Perfect blend.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Cocoa, Cookies and Cards

A long time ago in a different life, I used to look forward to Black Friday.  I would set the alarm for 3 am and roll out of bed stumbling to the kitchen for a strong cup of coffee because no sane person gets up this early in the morning.  But sanity escapes us when there are bargains to be found and a house full of young children who need Christmas gifts on a shoestring budget.  I have to say I love bargains which makes Black Friday a particularly fun day for me; one Black Friday I was able to shop for three children with only $75 to spend.  

Not only did I get enough gifts for my children that year, I had a little money left over to buy breakfast.  That being said the true fun of Black Friday was not really the bargain hunting and it definitely wasn't standing in cold lines hoping to get into the store while they had "the perfect gift".  For me the fun of Black Friday was hanging out with my sister for a few hours just the two of us  which was rare since we had 6 or 7 children between us at that point.  Things change, people change and traditions fall away.  

This year, instead of shopping crazy sales, I decided to go a different route.  I invited my neighbor and her children over to make Christmas cards with me.  Her children are a very artsy creative group and I could not wait to see what they would create. These are just a few of their awesome creations. 

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season.  Enjoy the time with people more than the gifts that you are buying and/or receiving. 


Friday, November 24, 2017

Fall in Sunny California

 My oldest daughter has always been fiercely independent.  For this reason, I was not surprised when she told me she was moving across the country with her new husband.  I was surprised when she called to tell me that her husband, who is in the Coast Guard, will be stationed in Guam for his next post.  This momma's heart is proud that they are going on this journey but it is also very sad because I will be very limited in how often I will be able to visit them in the coming years.

Bodega Bay
Since my girl is leaving the country soon, I made the journey across the country to spend her 23rd birthday with her.  I have only missed a couple of birthday's when she was in college.  I didn't want this one to pass since I know the next four will be spent without mom by her side.  We had a lovely time in on the California Coast visiting the beautiful area that she calls home for now. 

Goat Rock State Park
Bodega Bay
We just drove down the coast and enjoyed each other's company on this day but others were spent laughing and talking as movies played in the background.  The time we had flew by way too fast and it was quickly time to come back to Florida to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.  

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